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The Reason Behind The Sentient Idea Hub

The Sentient Idea Hub is a place to engage with the animist philosophical position that all things are alive in some sense, albeit in a different sense than how we perceive the world, and specifically how humanity can apply this animist way of thinking to ideas; driven by the Jungian sentiment that we don't adopt ideas - ideas adopt us. 

Through increasing exposure to new and old ideas via the internet and increasing interconnectedness of our world, our generation's consciousness is waking up to an amazing opportunity to implement the wisdom humanity has collectively learnt, historically across time, and spatially across cultures. The Sentient Idea way of thinking taps into this wisdom, helping people develop their ideas according to a wealth of historical and cultural philosophical approaches.

We explore the phenomenological experiences that arise when an idea "wills" itself towards us in an attempt to be brought into the world. 


We want to know how thinking about ideas as sentient could change the outcomes of idea development and analysis in business, culture, academia, theatre, and technology. 


We explore how ideas evolve, as living organisms, responding and adapting to an increasingly complex idea ecology - the abstract non physical dimensions where ideas inhabit and interact with each other.  

We believe in preparing for the future synthesis between enlightenment values and postmodern values; where spirituality meets postmodernity. 

With Sentient Idea, we hope we can lead humanity to realize there are multiple approaches to thinking about ideas which can facilitate longer lasting, more sustainable, and more meaningful impacts than the rapidly narrowing belief systems that perpetuate the destructively self-fulfilling collective anthropocentric perception that we (humanity) are the only "living" or intelligent substance of significance within a non-living (static) universe.

Samuel Brown, Founder of Ideatry and Sentient Idea

Samuel Brown 

+49 178 1950140

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The Face of Sentient Idea

I have formally studied philosophy, and postgraduate business, and applied those skills leading intellectual property and innovation in digital tech companies in both AI and Insur-tech, culminating in a handful of patented AI inventions.


I never gave up my philosophy pursuits, and have continued to spend the years studying mystic traditions including Tarot, Gnosticism, Animism, Western Occultism, Kabbalah, as well as the less esoteric schools of Jungian Psychology and Integral Theory.


What I have created here is an expression of my knowledge and will to make sentient ideas an engaging way for people to understand the world and work with the ideas in their own lives.  


If you want to know more about myself, or the Sentient Idea philosophy, please reach out.


We also have a consulting agency @, for innovation services to help develop, analyze, evaluate, and work with ideas according to the principles laid out here.

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