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Often during the conceptual stage of idea development, differences in opinions will arise -  and it's often the case that nobody is incorrect in their assumptions. But because of the different "hats" required to facilitate the creative and traditional aspects of the idea, differences in perspectives and values will contribute to an increased probability of internal conflict. 


For an individual embodying this archetype means negotiating between yourself and allowing both sides of your brain to work towards the project. Use the frameworks and structures provided to record both sides of the argument, and then come back to the idea development when you have a refreshed mind and are feeling renewed. 


In a collective context the embodiment of this archetype would be a designated mediator, who's explicit purpose is to ensure that both considerations for time and space are considered. Active listening and being able to make both sides heard is the key here.  

In the context of your idea that has an internal "mental" state, expect that there will be conflict arising when determining potential paths that it might take. The conflict around these decisions is not necessarily just due to the supporters of the idea, but also the idea calibrating itself to new possibilities. When there are multiple contrasted paths that an idea can take, the idea will inherently become more unstable as it experiences pulls from multiple future spatial and temporal locations. This instability needs to be endured, and will eventually pass as long as the archetype of the diplomat is embodied for long enough to ride out the period of instability until a decision is firmly made and action has been taken in that direction. Once action has been taken in a direction, the instability should start to subside.  

How to integrate the Protagonist into your idea development

During a workshop session make sure to identify a protagonist type who is able to keep the peace between the multiple parties with their agendas. Typically this could look like a people manager or project manager, as long as someone is able to get everyone on the same page and lay down the rules when required.

If you are struggling with a decision, an internal dispute on the direction of your idea, don't know how to balance your requirements, and want to find a diplomat, then please reach out. We are also happy to just provide a space to engage with someone else and discuss ideas, as we thrive on community engagement! 


“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions” - Winston Churchill

Strength, persuasion, courage, compassion and influence are all required to be embodied at this point, because differing passionate beliefs on how to approach the idea will not be more apparent anywhere else than between the temporal and spatial requirements of the idea development model. 

The point of this archetype is to connect both sides of the idea, and ensure that both the structured side of the form with the spatial requirements can cooperate with the more creative sides of the strategic considerations and predictive capacities of the temporal requirements. The philosopher archetype associated with space and form (engineers, scientists, technology types) and the chariot archetype (leaders, visionaries, action takers) are both strong willed, and this diplomatic protagonist must be able to mediate the peace despite their strong wills and potential differences in their primary assumptions.









Lion Tamer

In life

People Manager




Can help you

Balance requirements

Mediate between practical and theoretical requirements

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