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When to take a break 

If you've lost motivation and hope in your idea or yourself, or if you have a writers block when it comes to creatively engaging with your idea - it may be a sign to take a break and try to find the original inspiration again. Your original inspiration was formed from a moment of heightened imaginative capacity, or imaginative insight; and therefore is sourced from a place of faith in the unknown. It's easy to have a sense of hope and motivation when in the imaginal - the imagination is unburdened by the harder truths of reality. But if you find yourself stuck, losing perspective on the original inspiration, then take a break and look for your guardian to rejuvenate your creative and motivated capacities. 

Enchanting ideas 

As custodians of the idea you are developing, you will also need to to be the source of faith for your idea. When it looks like the idea is losing energy, and fading in intensity, it's probably time to try to find your own faith so you can redirect that towards the idea. 

Where is your Motivator? 

The Motivator is represented by a source that gives you a sense of hope and unrequited support - this archetype may be the most diversely interpreted out of all archetypes as it is based on what uniquely drives you forward as an individual. If you are a materialist driven by facts, and empirical truths, then your inspiration was probably driven by a moment of empirical revelation. Go to the source of your inspiration, and explore the verification of it. In verifying the validity of your empirical assumptions you should find your renewed source of faith in your idea. 

If you are a religious type, and believe in a god, then when you lose perspective of why you are working on developing your idea, remind yourself what was the initial impulse - remind yourself how your connection to god may have been the source for the inspiration. Open yourself to establishing a dialog with your spiritual advisors. 

If you are a new age type;  someone who is spiritual but also religiously atheist, then perhaps your faith is in your higher self or a cosmology like a concept of the universe. What are your usual habits for reconnecting to this spiritual source? Meditations or yoga practices could be your entry to finding your faith. Chances are your inspiration came from a similar place that your spiritual beliefs also originate from. Try to reconnect to your spiritual self. 

Above all the best source of unrequited love and support can also come from your immediate friends and family, your partner or your loved ones. The Motivator embodies all forms that renew your sense of optimism and determination. Perhaps you just need to talk to your partner about your idea, and receive some positive affirmation from them. Or perhaps you need to give yourself some positive affirmations and take a break from being critical. The same logic can be applied to giving affirmations about the idea we are developing and creating a sense of positive intention towards the idea itself. 

Integrating The Motivator into concept development


The idea development model we present is a process of self discovery as much as a process of idea discovery, so there will be many moments of doubts and self criticism which you will need to navigate, it's only natural. These doubts and criticisms are great for playing devil's advocate and pushing your idea into a more desired or impactful direction, but the main theme of our idea development should always be planted in a context of hope and imaginative inspiration. We should always be guided by our imagination, and believe that our imagination is the key to creating a more prosperous future.  

If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself and you would like a motivator to help you find inspiration, or if you what help finding your own inspirations, then please don't hesitate to reach out! We thrive on engagement with the community and would love a chance to support you in your idea development journey. 


“Faith is, above all, openness; an act of trust in the unknown” - Alan Watts

This archetype is all about finding your faith in the idea and remaining inspired. Whether it be your faith in science, faith in good fortune, faith in your family, faith in your religious beliefs - this archetype helps us find the courage to step into the unknown, and keep the perseverance to stay there.

Faith in the unknown will not only help us stay aligned to create an inspired concept, but it will bring the creative source of the inspiration into the concept itself; enchanting the concept with it's own inspiration and imagination. 







High Priestess



In life




Your faith

Can help you

Stay inspired and motivated

Stay grounded in creativity

Activate imagination

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