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How to integrate the Mediator into your idea development

During the stages of ideality and vision development, the synthesis of multiple perspectives or concepts will need to take place to create an aggregate vision, and this is where the qualities of the empress should navigate further action. There are two scenarios for coming up with a vision: 

1. Your idea has multiple first principles, i.e. you want to create something that flies to get places fast - where we have two principles of something flying, and something going somewhere fast. 

2. Your idea has a straight forward first principle, say artificial intelligence, and you've come up with a visionary area that you believe will have a lot of impact if combined with artificial intelligence, for example sake let's say this visionary area is blockchain. 

In the first case, you will need to apply the mediator principles to create a harmonious balance between the two principles of flying and getting somewhere fast - the empress archetype should be invoked when brainstorming ways that these two concepts could be conceived. The output creating as many existing example ideas that embody this combination and populating the 2 dimensional graph outlined in stage 3. Vision. You will need to get very creative to try think of as many analogies as possible to your idea - i.e. if you are trying to think of ideas that fly and go fast, also think about ideas that float and go fast. 

In the second scenario, the empress plays an even more vital role in supporting the development of a new idea, in this case combining artificial intelligence and blockchain. Since the existing applications might be rare, invoke the spirit of playfulness and spontaneous creativity to come up with new outlandish ideas that can be later evaluated. Remember this is a playful exercise, so every idea is a good one. Record everything, and reserve judgement for the evaluation stage. At this point be as frivolous as possible in idea generation and as creative as possible for thinking of analogies that might be relevant. Instead of thinking about blockchain, think of other applications that used artificial intelligence in distributed ways; i.e. for cancer detection across multiple locations, or using distributed parallel processors for increased computing power. If we can identify how ideas are used in other spaces it will serve as inspiration - so long as we stay playful and judgement free, as analogies to your own idea. 

The key to the empress power is active inspiration and love. 


If you need help coming up with new ideas based on your direction, or synthesizing your idea, then please contact us! We are open to exploring topics and concepts and thrive on engagement with the community.


“Play is the highest form of research” - Albert Einstein

The mediator, or the feminine aspect of the idea tree , alludes to concepts like dance, play, flow of life, spontaneous creativity, internal harmony, introspection and co-operation. We will need to apply this way of thinking to generate a meaningful vision for your idea. 

Traditionally the empress was associated with monitoring the internal well-being of an empire, and was the placeholder archetype title for any person responsible for keeping an empire or kingdom together. We've adapted the archetype of the Empress as The Mediator to reflect the function of the role in a more contemporary idea development setting. 





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