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Yes, my liege

The frameworks that are created that support bringing the product into action, should be treated as the second archetype in charge after the creative aspect of the imagination, i.e. after the original inspiration. It is in striking a balance between the chaotic space of the imagination and the ordered structures that filter the ideas into the world, that we find the most impactful ideas.


The Executive reminds us that structure is necessary, and compromises will need to be made as some stage. The executive grounds the ideal in the practical, and is guided by the exploration of what animates the idea and how it want's to be expressed in the world. 

It is with logical discernment and pragmatism that how we determine the will of the idea should be brought into the product. The emperor is the master of understanding the logical approach to creating first principles and being able to interpret and evaluate concepts relative to the first principles. 

The function of the executive in idea development

This person or "hat" should be responsible for developing the infrastructure and structural frameworks for bringing your idea into the world. They are probably developers and systems architects or product managers in the digital world, or engineers and architects in the physical world. 

A word of warning

Caution that the structure doesn't compromise the imaginative capacity of the idea. The origin of your inspiration, and creative first principles take precedence over structures and frameworks. The executive archetypes and influences have a tendency to over-engineer solutions that disable the creative element, or try to dominate the original creative inspiration. This is especially true in the age of materialism, where materialist interests tend to prevail over the interests of what is possible outside of materialism impact. The executive title is ideally only governing the structure of bringing your idea to a product, NOT in governing the purpose or vision of the idea.


You will know you've found the executive archetype when it tries to dominate the creativity and re-appropriate the vision to a utilitarian objective; however you will need to stay vigilant towards this tendency and keep referencing the inspiration and guardian to stay on track of the bigger picture. This tendency towards dominion and domination can be a positive influence when directed by a greater purpose - the purpose that originated with your inspiration. 

If you are struggling to tame the materialist requirements of your idea, finding optimal frameworks and structures for your ideas, or don't know how to articulate your idea relative to a contrast, then please reach out. We are also happy to just provide a space to engage with someone else and discuss ideas, as we thrive on community engagement! 


“The structure of language, determines not only thought, but reality itself” - Noam Chomsky

The Executive is the most accessible embodiment of the universal will towards organization and structure - the reference is adapted from the concept of  emperors of old that were responsible for empire building and planning the infrastructure that enabled prosperity. Analogously, we need to call on the same archetype for governing the structures for your idea development. 





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