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Commander qualities

To create a strategy requires the bold essence of the charioteer; they need to be determined and decisive, and master of all possibilities. They need to know every potential road and where they lead, and then decisively act without hesitation once the optimal road has been identified. The commander reminds us that there will always be challenges, but if you are prepared and have a good sense for what might be on the road, you can overcome any challenges that stand in the way. 

Similar to how the philosopher was the master of the space, specifically the traditions within the space; the commander is the master of time or more specifically the master of the trajectories and possibilities that the identified form and vision can take. To be able to see all of the possibilities requires an experienced perspective which has endured success and failure. To be able to act with the type of decisiveness required at this stage requires an almost transcendent faith in one's own capacity to lead.  

Creating a strategy

When considering the trajectory of ideas, and what ideas might be obstacles on the path towards your frame of reference, make sure you embody the spirit of the chariot's pragmatism and boldness when deciding between ideas to move towards and ideas to move away from. Identifying potential threats and determining what to do if that threat should appear on the path ahead, requires the sense of leadership that this archetype embodies. 

Commander types around you

Generally for idea development this will be someone in a leadership position, who has enough faith in themselves and can take responsibility for the decisions about trajectories and future paths. They should be comfortable with making 5 years plans, and being able to steer the idea and the followers of the idea in the same direction. 


If you need help with identifying your strategy, or finding a commander archetype to help embolden your idea development efforts, then please don't hesitate to contact us! We are open to exploring topics and concepts and thrive on engagement with the community.


“There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths" - Mark Nepo

The chariot ,in antiquity, was a vehicle for war and conquest. The charioteer could ride out into the unknown and explore their own limitations and potentials. Today the archetype of the chariot is probably more akin to a commander of a battleship; associated with determination and sense of direction of getting somewhere - with a focus on the journey and what obstacles will need to be faced. 

The main theme of the Commander is determining a path, and should be embodied for guidance to deciding on which path to take and how to get there, and acting without hesitation. 












In life



Can help you

Identify long term strategy 

Identify threats

Identify alliances 

Commit to a path

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